Chromium, brewer’s yeast – revisit

chromium and brewer’s yeast – revisit

Q: Does debittered brewer’s yeast have the same chromium value as brewer’s yeast?

A: No. The debittering process removes the chromium, and some other trace minerals.

Debittered brewer’s yeast still has many good things…particularly¬†B complex vitamins

If you want brewer’s yeast specifically for the chromium content, you have to look for non-debittered, which can be tricky to find. The best thing is to look at the nutritional labeling and see if it lists chromium. If it doesn’t specifically list chromium, there is a good chance it is actually debittered after all.

Another strategy is to look for a natural “chromium gtf”(glucose tolerance factor) suppliment and read the label closely. Make sure the “chromium gtf” is from a specially grown / processed variety of brewer’s yeast that leaves the chromium intact and standardizes the tablets to a set amount of chromium. 200 mcg is a common dose. Puritan’s Pride and Twinlab both have products like this, and I’m sure there are others out there if you search. Just read anything labeled “chromium” carefully so you don’t wind up with processed chromium piccolinate or one of the other non-yeast, non-biological¬†chromiums on the market.


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