That lasted about as long as a Black Sabbath reunion.

I had both sides of my work on one website for a hot minute. Amazing how the world can change in a handful of years – or one really bad SCOTUS decision week.

I used to keep my Tarot work under an internet handle. Then I got the bright idea to try and integrate everything, considering the big overlap between magick, Tarot and Reiki.

But after the Supreme Court decision putting a giant dent in the separation between church and state, I’m switching back to writing under a pen name for Tarot projects. It isn’t exactly the witness protection program but I’ve come to the conclusion that discretion is the better part of avoiding some of the crazy. You know that slippery slope that everyone talks about? We just slid down some of it. Knowing what I know from being raised evangelical … the danger to civil rights is very real. Please take care of yourself. Please be careful out there. And vote. Vote for decency and compassion. Vote for diversity and inclusion. Vote for democracy.

The weird thing is that separating the other work from Tarot and taking a pen name feels more like finally assuming my full true identity rather than re-creating a socially acceptable fake one, which is what Modern Oracle had become before the rebranding. This time the other is taking a back seat to Tarot instead of the other way around. This time the separation is intended to protect Tarot from the other, not to protect the other from people’s judgy-ness about Tarot.

The difference this time is that it isn’t a self-identity where it is hard to tell where the skin ends and the mask begins. This time it is a deliberate disguise. This time isn’t about discovering authenticity. This time it’s about going ninja to protect things I love.

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I’ve seen both sides of the atheist and witch closet doors. Whatever side of whatever door you are on, please know that you are loved and you are not alone. We are all rolling down the beach together.

This blog is still going to be for random stuff that doesn’t totally fit with the Tarot content over on TaoCraftTarot.com, but it is only an off-topic catch-all blog. I hope you’ll follow both. Please be sure to check out the resources page. There is a link to a natural health / Reiki blog that I think you’ll like – if you liked whatever Natural health you’ve read here in the past, that is. (yeah, it’s a veiled hint)

By any name, by any sort of organization (or lack thereof) I appreciate you and I’m glad you are here.