• Reiki, Meditation, Natural Health Tutorials
  • E-books and writing
  • “Lens” blog (Taoism, natural health, opinion) 


  • “Tarotbytes” Tarot blog (daily meditations, Q&A, etc)
  • Individual and Party Tarot readings in Pittsburgh PA (South Hills area)


  • Tarot readings by e-mail (My Specialty!)
  • E-books (Tarot and meditation how-to, more to come)
  • Handmade Meditation Beads (Mala)
  • Eclectic mix of handcrafted jewelry and accessories


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Ronda Snow is an independent writer, Reiki Master-Practitioner, and Tarot entertainer, with a B.S. in Medical Science and Ph.D. in Natural Health. She has multiple e-books available on amazon.com for Kindle, is an active blogger, and offers tutorials in natural, medication-free stress reduction strategies.

Please view the Policies Page for important information.  scheduling a session indicates that you agree with these policies. All information and services for personal enrichment only. Does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and does not take the place of professional health care. No liability real or implied is assumed. Use at your own risk.
Banner image to the best of my knowledge from the public domain. All written content and  logo copyright ronda snow, all rights reserved. Slide show images by the author all rights reserved except RWS tarot images from the public domain and Witches Tarot By Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans, all rights reserved used by general permissions llwellyn.com. Please direct any concerns re: images to modernoracletarot@gmail.com

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