Update: Meet Sage

People who know about these things suggest re-introducing yourself every now and then. It’s time, big time, for an update.

People who seem to know what they are talking about when it comes to blogging, social media and such recommend re-introducing yourself every now and then so new followers or subscribers can get to know you as well as everyone else.

It is time for a re-introduction. Big time, it’s time.

Before we get to the new bio page re-introduction thing, I want to give even bigger thanks to everyone who has read this blog before. Nothing much has really changed other than the name and cleaning up a few pages. If you are interested in Reiki, please stay tuned. I’ll be tweeking the Reiki & References page next. If you are interested in natural health topics, like the old debittered brewer’s yeast or head pain after meditation posts … check out that link on the resources page, ok? *looks at you meaningfully over the top of my glasses.*

But for now, please let me introduce myself.

I’m Sage

Actually, I’m lots of things all at the same time; Tarot reader, ebook author, Taoist, solitary witch, atheist, retired Tai Chi instructor, Reiki master-practitioner, wife, mom, knitter, coffee drinker.

I started reading Tarot around 1991 or 1992. At first it was only for me. After a time, I branched out to reading for friends, who then encouraged me to read for the public online. I read for Internet psychic services like Keen, Advice Trader and AllExperts under the pen name “Baihu.” Hundreds of readings later, I started solo Tarot work in 2003 with my own site ModernOracleTarot.com which included the Tarotbytes blog.

In 2018 Modern Oracle (and Quirk & Flotsam, my now-defunct Etsy shop) was re-branded as the TaoCraft you know today. I picked up a new pen name because I want a little more privacy in these turbulent political times.

The name Sage means wise. The name TaoCraft is in honor of Taoist philosophy. It is also my promise to craft a Tarot reading for you that is simple, honest and kind.

Distance Tarot is my specialty. You can order email readings any time 24/7 no appointment needed on TaoCraftTarot.com. Prices for email readings start at $5.