Q&A: What is the natural treatment for this?

Redacted for privacy, but used with permission. The answer would be the same for any western medical diagnosis.

Q: I was just diagnosed with XXXX. Is there a natural treatment for that?

A: When it comes to real holistic and natural health, it isn’t so much what…but how.

XXXX is a western medical diagnoses based on counteracting certain symptoms. Even if you give an unprocessed “natural” herb or change to a certain diet…or what have you…because you are giving it just to counteract one certain diagnosis, it is still western or Allopathic medicine. Herbs and supplements can have side effects too if used improperly. Using ‘natural treatments’ just as a one to one substitution for processed medication isn’t all that different from using prescription medication in the first place.

In the case of Holistic Health, the HOW matters.

The holistic approach is systemic, functional, big-picture. A holistic evaluation would look at everything that is going on with you, not just this one particular thing. It wouldn’t focus on just fixing this one problem, it would look at everything and try to find every way to make life as healthy and robust for you as possible. Holistic health looks for the root cause of this and everything else that may be wrong. To borrow from that old adage, holistic health tries to raise the water level and lift all the boats in the harbor…not just patch the hole in one boat.

XXXX is related to XXXX. As a general rule, skin conditions like these often require changes in diet, improving hydration and digestion in addition to any topically applied oils or tinctures. While the applied oils and such might interfere with the western prescribed treatment…the diet and any ingested herbs may not be…so a “best of both worlds” approach often can work in cases like yours, DEPENDING on what else you have going on…which shows the other big problem here.

Without knowing all the details, it is impossible to make any suggestions for you at all. You just can’t substitute “natural” treatments for western ones based on a western diagnosis alone. It just doesn’t work that way. Natural and Holistic means getting to know you – not just your latest diagnosis.

The other big problem is that it is unsafe and unwise to answer questions like this over the internet. You can not substitute an online question for a real, detailed, customized evaluation with a holistic practitioner.

That goes triple for skin conditions. Pictures just can’t do a good evaluation justice. There is no substitute for seeing it in person.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a good place to start in this case. They are very expert in diet changes and herbal supplements used together. A good herbalist would be good as well. It might take some work to find practitioners in your area. Unfortunately, you still have to use some critical thinking to tell real traditional medicine from hucksters and ‘snake oil’. Real, caring, well trained, knowledgeable traditional / holistic health practitioners ARE there to be found. The internet can help, local magazines, word of mouth…ask at spas, yoga or martial arts schools or anywhere else that is associated with health of any kind. The Holistic community is, unfortunately small in many communities, so most of the time it is a pretty well networked group.

So that is the long answer…the short answer? The natural treatment for XXXX begins with a detailed ┬áin person evaluation with a knowledgeable holistic practitioner. You and that practitioner will take it from there.

Good luck!