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Last year, my friend Ronda Snow surprised me with a gorgeous wooden mala she’d made, and a copy of Serene Beads: Meditation Made Easy. Meditation has never been easy for me (my mind just goes and goes!), but using the mala gives me focus for a while and has helped.

Recently I received a package in the mail, and there was another set of meditation beads! It’s beautiful, with small black beads, and she wrote in the accompanying card, “This mala is called Shaman, and it wants to be with an energy healer like you. Cooling, yin, and soothing, it wants to bring you calm and restfulness, especially in times of anxiety or tremor.” Isn’t that lovely?


 The wooden mala has the traditional Buddhist 108 beads, I’ve not counted the Shaman’s beads, and the smaller rosewood bracelet mala has 27 (go round 4 times and you have 108). Now I really have NO excuse not to meditate. 😉

Check out Ronda’s Etsy shop: it has the very Potter-ish name, Quirk and Flotsam. She also offers tarot readings on her website, Modern Oracle Tarot.

Have fun!

©Pip Miller – May 2016
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5/13/2016 06:13:31

Thank you so much for this! It’s important your readers know what an inspiration you were for the mala…they weren’t just an idea out of the blue. You commented at one point how you liked the mala, and it hit me just than that making mala could be so much more than just stringing beads. Through a four word sentence you gifted me with an epiphany, and the idea of the “your mala’s story”. You were part of the puzzle that connected spirit to a string of beads in a whole new way from the maker’s point of view, not just the user’s point of view. I swear you are an energy healer leaving a trail of goodness behind you whether you intend it or not! I hope the meditation practice helps you as much as you have helped me and more. THANK YOU!