As The Ducks Stand

Links for my proverbial ducks while they are still in a row. They don’t stay that way long, the little anarchists.

I’ve heard that writing is as much for the writer as for the reader. That’s true, at least in this case. This post is mostly to help me get organized and get my proverbial ducks in a row. I’ve put links in case you’d like to join in the fun – just keep in mind my ducks are anarchist little bastiges that don’t stay in line for very long.

On the Equinox

“No plan survives first contact with implementation” … “Follow the process, not the plan”Adam Savage,

This is true for any sort of creative work, but following process over plan is essential for Tarot readers, Reiki practitioners and any sort of energy or intuitive worker. I’d planned to just write an omnibus, bullet point blog post announcement of all the tweeks and updates I’m launching over the next week or so over at

Intuition and energy, however, had another plan. If there is anything I’ve learned over the years (30 of them since I picked up my first oracle card deck) is to follow those sorts of nudges. It invariable leads to something inspiring for me if nothing else.

But inspiring YOU is what TaoCraft Tarot (and this blog too) is all about. I’m doing a more gradual introduction over there, so this blog inherits the omnibus bullet points.

  • Zombie Cat is back! Zombie Cat lives on the “no appointment needed” email all the time, but the yes/no readings are home page news because they are $5 off until Halloween.
  • This Clairvoyant loves coffee: Ko-Fi is a platform that links creators and makers with their supporters. My e-books download directly from the ko-fi shop. All tips go toward producing the blog, youtube channel and podcast. There is a single, affordable membership tier that gives a members-only three card reading for the month ahead by email and an individual, private email “year ahead” reading on the anniversary of your membership.
  • Coming soon: live online lessons to learn to read Tarot for yourself. Look for the “classroom” tab to open on the TaoCraft website.
  • Reiki and Relaxation is a general audience version of my dissertation. It is now available on

I hope you’ll come to the other website, and have a look around at everything old and new. See you there!