Sending Stones Reiki

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How this works:

  1. Select a sending  stone. There doesn’t have to be a reason for it. Just pick whatever feels right to you. Pick whichever stone that you think looks pretty, the one you want to touch or the one you look at the most. SEE THE STONES HERE
  2. Get a “receiving stone” to match. You don’t have to match size, just type. Sandstone pebbles are free to find anywhere…roads, sidewalks, yards. The others are common crystals and generally inexpensive from crystal suppliers. I recommend “Universal Crystal Love” on The shop owner takes great care to send you an energetically clear, high vibe crystal. Excellent customer service too!
  3. Fill out Contact form #1 below
  4. I’ll reply with an email to let you know when distance Reiki has been sent and your receiving stone is ready
  5. Sit with your stone to receive the Reiki. Here is how:At a time that is right for you, make sure you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes. Hold your receiving stone. Close your eyes and set your intention that the Reiki Energy will come to you in a way that is loving and best for your needs. Then relax and allow the energy to flow. The session may be lightning fast or long and leisurly, however you need it to be. Whenever you think it is done, it is. Put the crystal back to it’s spot and take note of your stress level, plus any sensations, impressions, or feelings that came to you during the session. You might find those things helpful later.
  6. If you have any questions before or after the session please feel free to contact me at
  7. This is a FREE service for now, but any tips or donations are gratefully accepted. Buy me a ko-fi?    or

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