Modern Oracle: PeaceTarot

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“Queen of Swords:  Look for the very heart of the matter, look to the deepest root of the cause. Violence comes from fearing that which is hidden and unknown.”

#PeaceTarot is both a how-to guide and a collection of Daily Tarot Meditations. Written by the author of “Modern Oracle Tarot” blog, this guided thought-for-the-day exercise brings Tarot out of the dark ages and applies the cards to modern times and current events. Violent news is around us almost every day. #PeaceTarot’s daily meditations can help us find a moment of calm in our day, and with practice, help us to find a more Peaceful frame of mine without ever drawing a card. Short, practical and written for everyone, this guide can be used by anyone – no experience or “psychic ability” required. #PeaceTarot shows you how to use modern playing cards, even ordinary pencil and paper to find your daily Tarot mediation, so you don’t even need a Tarot deck to get benefit from this handy, soothing and inspiring book.


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