Moonlight & Silver


Please enjoy this sample from my upcoming book “Moonlight and Silver”

“Moonlight and Silver” is a collection of special meditations, guided visualizations and essays including “vision of decision” and “How to Find Your Soulmate”

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Find a place and a time where you will be undisturbed for at least 20 minutes. The goal with this meditation isn’t to stop all thoughts or gain enlightenment. The goal here is to give yourself a few stress-free minutes than can carry over to the rest of your day. This is a gentle visualization to help us learn to let those normal, natural thoughts go. It doesn’t matter if you are thinking about stressful things in your life, about your to-do list, or what you want for dinner. The purpose here is to let whatever thoughts go rather than hang on to them. If you hang on to stressful ideas, more thoughts come, stick to the first, and soon you have a bid wad of stress like a ball of chewed bubblegum gone wild. As an in-between step, between sticking and releasing, we are going to use our imagination to DO something with whatever thoughts come along. It isn’t traditional Zen meditation practice by any means, but it is a step better than stress and worry.

Let’s begin

Sit comfortably. Use a chair, a meditation pillow or whatever you like. Don’t get so very comfortable that you fall asleep! Don’t be so tight that becoming uncomfortable distracts you from the visualization.  Easy does it.  Traditional Zen sitting positions are my favorite (I like the illustration from HERE).

Take a deep breath. Breath in agian, and as you breath out let your body relax. Take another deep breath, as you do shift your attention from your body to what ever thoughts are going through your mind at the time.

Imagine a bubble floating in front of you. It’s a bright color, stretchy and can get bigger and bigger without breaking. Think of one thing…one single thing that you are happy about. You are alive. You are able to sit and breath – anything. Breath in, as you breath out whisper “Thank you” into the bubble as you think of that one good thing. Imagine the bubble getting just a little bigger as you do.

Now sit and look at the bubble. Whatever comes to mind…anything…if it is something you want or appreciate, imagine that thought or that thing floating into the bubble. With each thing you add, breath out saying “thank you” into the bubble as it gets a little bigger. When you see the bubble grow, you know you are done with that thought, it is sorted and safe. If you happen to think of something you don’t like or don’t want, imagine tossing it over your shoulder, and know you are done with that thought too.

Are finances a worry? Imagine a big gold coin floating into the bubble. Want to attract love into your life? Imagine yourself in a happy relationship, then let that image float into the bubble with your thanks (as if it already existed). Have an argument at work? Toss that behind  you and that thought is done.

Allow the thoughts to come however they will, and sort them out one by one as you sit and watch the bubble.  If your mind wanders off the bubble, or if the thoughts slow down, or if the time just feels right to you…then take one more deep breath. As you breath out, imagine blowing the bubble off up into a bright blue sky to make the things you want real and to keep the things you appreciate safe.

However the visualization winds to an end is fine. After all, it’s just imaginary bubble gum……

Look for how to wrap up a meditation session and more in “Moonlight and Silver” by Ronda Snow coming in 2016 to Kindle and Smashwords



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