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Modern Oracle: Hello


“Modern Oracle: Hello” is an introduction to Tarot and an outline of what you can expect from any reading with me. The information given and the basic structure is the same for all formats: In-person individual sessions, party, e-mail, video, digital illustrated or pen and paper.
Copy of my Ph.D. dissertation from CCNH (nonaccredited institution) that studies the effect of Reiki on current perceived subjective stress in real time and in non-clinical settings. This demonstrates the immediate effect Reiki can have as measured by a Likert style 1 to 10 rating. Working in a community setting eliminated “white coat syndrome” anxiety as a confounding factor. All subjects showed 10-30% improvement in this study limited by low participant numbers, but clearly warrants further study* Written in the required academic format, not for ease of reading. Please watch for general audience version coming to TaoCraft Tarot Shop

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Peace Tarot

“#PeaceTarot” is both a how-to and daily Tarot meditation guide with card interpretations and easy DIY instructions for Tarot Readings designed to help you find a moment of quiet in days that aren’t. No Tarot reading experience required. No Tarot deck required.

Triquetra: The Dance of Worlds

“Triquetra: The Dance of Worlds” is a collection of poetry in three parts. “The Outer World” is inspired by Nature, “The Inner World” reflects spirituality and personal growth while “The Dance of Worlds” is about relationships  – that place where two worlds meet and begin to dance.
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