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Ronda Snow has a Bachelor of Science in Medical Science (Physician Assistant) with 13 years clinical experience in psychiatry and cardiac cath lab. In the late 1990s she began part time study in the holistic health, completing a Ph.D in Natural Health in 2011 from Clayton College of Natural Health (closed) for her dissertation Reiki and Relaxation: A Practical Look at Reiki as Stress Reduction In A Non-clinical Setting.

Since 2003, Ronda has worked as an independent artist, self-published author and natural health consultant offering medication-free stress reduction strategies including Tarot readings for advice, insight and personal enrichment, Reiki sessions , individual meditation tutorials, and small group workshops. In response to popular demand her Tarot work was showcased on a separate website, Modern Oracle Tarot, which featured the long-running Tarotbytes blog. In October 2018, her Reiki and meditation work was re-combined with her Tarot work and re-branded as the TaoCraft Tarot available today.

In addition to her degrees, Ronda is also a certified Reiki Master-practitioner in the Traditional Usui Style (under Tom Beardshaw, 2000). She is a retired Yang style Tai Chi instructor, ordained U.L.C. preceptor, Etsy shop owner, mala maker, amateur poet, and aspiring writer with self-published works currently available.

Her writing includes Tarotbytes blog, TaoCraft Tarot blog, self-published titles PeaceTarot and  Triquetra: The Dance of Worlds, articles for Point of Light magazine and Find Your Psychic online magazine, and individual poems included in Kindred magazine, Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum, Nature’s Echoes, and Quicksilver Moon. Upcoming titles include Sending Stones Reiki, Arcana in Balance, Moonlight and Silver: Guided Visualizations for Difficult Decisions, and Bead Mindful (mindfulness meditation guide)

From 2015 to 2017 she was a co-host of Menage A Tarot podcast with David Dear and Kate Fisher.

Mrs. Snow lives in suburban Pittsburgh PA. Her Tarot, Reiki, and meditation tutorial services are available through TaoCraftTarot.com. Her handcrafted meditation mala beads and e-books are available at TaoCraftTarot.shop.