New Name, Same Spirit

I can take a cosmic friggen’ hint.


Back in October, I pulled the ripcord, and seriously rebranded my Tarot site. In the months since, that has had my attention to the point that it has been all crickets and tumbleweeds here.

The main focus of Taocraft Tarot is, as you might guess from the name, Tarot, plus some new additions: Reiki and Meditation. I’ve bundled everything I do under one cyber-roof over there. I still consider this to be my “author’s” site and this as-yet-un-named blog will be where the odds and ends will go that don’t quite fit into the flow of things over at TaoCraft. Since I wrote it, some of the content there will be repeated here, but I hope you will follow both sites for the fringy sprituality and natural health musing that will only be here.

The naming part of the process fascinated me for quite a while. Seems there is always a story behind the name, especially for businesses, bands, songs, albums, books and blogs. This is the first of three names are niggling at me posts.

I’m also going to do something here that won’t be available at TaoCraft. I want this site to be more conversational. Over there, it is important to have a welcoming, troll and spam free energy environment. I want the people who come to me for readings and come to the TaoCraft website to feel safe and welcome….which these days means locking down the comments. I don’t want to deal with the BS here either, but I want to hear from you, the sincere, decent not-bot people too. Enter the Questions of the Day. I’ll be putting a contact form at the end of a lot of posts. Please send your questions and comments that way. If it is really good I may share it here on the blog….WAIT! I have it!

As a nod to the past, and the fact this will be built of odds and ends of blog writing….ta-DAH ….Quirk & Flotsam (the blog) My etsy shop is named for TaoCraft now, because, you  know, branding. Quirk and Flotsam lives. I’ve always thought of the two owls in my logo being named Quirk & Flotsam (that’s more owl-ish than Creativity and Variety, don’t you think?)


Hello again after a long while away. Let me introduce you to me….

from 2018


Seasons change, and so do Tarot Websites.

Modern Oracle Tarot is now TaoCraft Tarot.

TaoCraft is a new era of fierce authenticity in my Tarot, Reiki, and Meditation work.

No more trying to make Tarot palatable to a world not ready or not interested. Modern or not, Tarot is powerful, magickal, and a potent way (Tao) to make (Craft) your life experience, your journey into the best it can be.

Click HERE to read the thousands of posts in the Modern Oracle Tarot archives. It is all just as good as ever…that hasn’t changed. The archives are where you will find a treasure trove of Q&A, Card meanings, daily Tarot meditations, the ever popular “Romance Reading – The Lovers and the Magician” and my favorite the origins of Zombie Cat 

Don’t worry….Zombie Cat made the move here with me, and we’ll be seeing more of him around New Years Day.

At my core is my own, unique amalgam of Taoism and Witchcraft. Modern Oracle was a first foot out of the “Tarot Closet” as we talked about on “Menage A Tarot”  TaoCraft is both feet planted firmly out in the world. I look forward to sharing my way of doing things with you. If it helps one person, it is worth it.

Welcome. Nice to meet you.


Author: Ronda J. Snow

I write books, read Tarot cards, and tutor natural stress reduction. B.S. Med. Sci. with non-accredited Ph.D. in Natural Health, Reiki Master-practitioner, U.L.C. ordained Preceptor.