Triquetra and Snowflake logo by Ronda Snow all rights reserved

Welcome to the January 2016 re-launch of the blog, entitled “Trisymbiosis”. Symbiosis is two things working together for the greater benefit of both…often said as “two things greater than the sum of its parts”.

“Trisymbiosis” is my name for more than two things working together beneficially to form something greater than the sum of its parts. Threes have been particularly meaningful for me, that’s why I’ve adopted the triquetra as my logo. Land, sky and sea; mother, maiden, crone, sacred threes are everywhere.

The superficial, obvious analogy for ‘trisymbiosis’ is the mind-body-spirit paradigm from Holistic Health…three things that work together to make the complexity of a human lifetime.

Mind-body-spirit is static in time, but complex in dimension. Child-adult-elder moves through time but little in space or multiplicity. I want Trisymbiosis to encompass both, and be a multidimensional fullness. Trisymbiosis the blog (and yes, planned book) isn’t just about natural health or supplements, or medication free stress reduction, or the next writing project or an interesting tidbit from Modern Oracle…but any or all of it.

Trisymbiosis is anything, everything, that might add a little color, depth, enjoyment or insight to the moment.

Trisymbiosis is complexity in both dimension and time…cooperation of the the tangible, the intangible, and function over time.

Which long story short, means the blog is set free. Tangible, body oriented online information (supplements, diet, exercise and so on) is abundant. Since other people have that aspect well and truly covered, I’m more interested in esoteric topics like energy, meditation, intuition…the intangible and the functional.

The topic is no-topic. The topic is anything interesting and enriching. The goal is no-goal. The goal is a journey well traveled. Trisymbiosis is not mind, not body, not spirit, but the crafting of something beyond all three, something more than the sum of its three and many parts.