Great Abide Back from Vacation: How to write an indie e-book

As I see it anyway….

  1. Choose your favorite way of making words…pen&paper, voice recorder, computer, shaky crayon on a napkin, stone slab and chisel…your choice.
  2. Down a double espresso and/or the large adult beverage of your choice.
  3. Take a deep breath and spew words about ideas that you love.
  4. Revise and edit to your heart’s content.
  5. Grow a spine! Stop revising and editing already!
  6. Are you still revising and editing?
  7. Seriously, it’s never going to be perfect. Knock it off already. Just get used to the idea that you are going to have to cut the cord on this thing and let it loose whether YOU are ready or not. The book is probably much more ready than you are. (alternative: hire an editor to tell you when it’s ok to pry this thing out of the death grip you have on it)
  8. Format according to your chosen platform’s style guide (i.e. “Building Your Book For Kindle“)
  9. Follow the upload instructions on your favorite self-publishing platform (Kindle Direct Publishing or what have you)
  10. Have another espresso and/or adult beverage
  11. Hit publish. Hope for royalites.
  12. If the process doesn’t mildly terrify you, repeat until it does.
  13. Come to the sudden chilling realization that you are now an author.