Q: Will I find someone nice soon?

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Modern Oracle Tarot

A.  We’ll get to the Tarot deck in a minute, but bear with me for a bit…this needs to be said first.

Do I see you finding someone nice soon? No – not because you won’t meet someone, but because I don’t predict the future…no one can. Whether you meet someone or not rests in your hands, and to some extent theirs. The things you do and choose will determine that…not some vague fate or destiny. The old ways of knowing the universe said that…back when we thought the earth was flat. Now we know better. We know of quantum physics, and multiple dimensions and so much more. My goal with <i> Modern </i> oracle readings is to bring Tarot in alignment with the modern world, in other words, the whole point of this is to help you to put your life on the path toward love coming into your…

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