The Great Abide: Tao Te Ching Chapter 9 (Amy Putkonen version)

Filling a cup to the brim
is not as good as
stopping in time.
Staying constantly sharpened
can wear out the blade.

One cannot protect
a home full of jewels.

Position and prestige
lead to arrogance
and eventual downfall.

When your work is done,
gently withdraw.

This is the natural way.

Yin and Yang: Knowing but not doing is as wasteful as doing without knowing. At least with the latter, you can learn from it.

Yin and Yang: Knowing /Learning is yin…taking in information and experience. Doing / Teaching is Yang…sending out information, making experiences. Both together is a shadow of the Tao, a thread in the fabric of a good life.

Yin and Yang: There is nothing wrong with having the things you need, even a few you want, but excesses lead to problems. Knowing when to stop is as important as knowing when to start.