Q&A: Why do different Tarot readers give different meanings for the same card?

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Q: Why do different Tarot readers give different interpretations for the same card?

A: There are several different factors that go into any one card interpretation. When you factor all those different variables into it, any one card can have a huge number of possible “meanings”. Which is a good thing….humans are complex and ever-changing beings. As large as a 78 card deck may seem, just 78 ideas is far too limited to be useful over one lifetime…much less be inspirational to uncountable numbers of people over the course of centuries as Tarot has been. A single standard meaning for any one card alone just isn’t helpful.

So on the surface, the answer to this question is context. The card “meaning” is just the beginning, no matter what meaning you choose. Add to that the question at…

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Author: Ronda J. Snow

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