Merry Monday: Making a list and checking it off



I do this every year. It’s my nature, it is what it is. Don’t stress over it, roll with it, and all that.

I always b!!!ch and complain about holiday cards, and jumping through hoops for ‘other peoples’ holiday…but then the cards are done, the gifts for far away family are in the mail, and I finally break out the holly garland for the mantle with the lights and glitter (I love that plastic thing…it’s my favorite holiday decoration)…suddenly it’s all ok. Funny how colored lights and glitter can work wonders.

So can that sense of accomplishment. It is kind of a nice feeling to get something done. That little sense of relief that makes it worth while, especially if there is some added return later on, like giving someone else a little lift. I’ll make a truckload of peanut brittle just because my daughter said she liked it. Now that the ‘other people’s holiday’ stuff is done, we can move down the list to the more common ground yule/festivus things. Selfish? Maybe. I like to think of it in my usual Taoist terms…ebb and flow. Put this out into the world, take that in as a little pleasure…a favorite decoration, a cup of cocoa, what have you. All ebb, all give, no exchange is a recipe for resentment and holiday stress. Taking little pleasures in little things…as is the idea behind Merry Monday all along…and it’s happy all around, no-stress holidays for all.

Top of my list now is to ease up, and enjoy what the season has to offer. That is a good thing to check off the list. I hope you can check that particular item off of your list too.

Happy Holidays!