Merry Monday: Virtual Happy



The whole point of “Merry Monday” is to find little, silly, fun things that add a little happy to life. Small simple pleasures that can give mundane, day-to-day life a little lift.

My favorite lately is phone apps.

While waiting…in lines or what have you…is a good time to practice stillness, meditation if you are of a mind to do so…but sometimes it isn’t quite a meditation friendly time or situation…so  few minutes with a smart phone is a beautiful thing!

My current favorite is a little game app, brought to my attention courtesy of the youngling and a freebie on google play, called of all excessive cuteness “meow meow star acres” The graphics are just stinking adorable, and it has a lot of almost meditative repetition as you tinker with it over days, but also engages logic as the adult in you manages things…like what to plant when, what facilities to upgrade or by next. I can see this being awesome for kids…teaching logic and management / triage skills in a sneaky-fun, and did I mention CUTE way. And it is letting me act out my vegetarian fantasy…I just couldn’t bring myself to harvest bacon from the cute little piggie (as much as I don’t mind the packages in the grocery stores or even the idea of eating the big icky hogs back on grandad’s farm). Summer on my Grandparents farm was a bigger influence than I thought. I’ve seen cows and chickens treated humanely and well, so my first impulse in the game is to feed the little cartoon critters. I don’t know what it is about this this little virtual utopia that pushes my compassion and caretaking buttons…but that it does can’t be a bad thing.

Wishing you a moment or two of virtual happy this Merry Monday.