Merry Monday: Nothing



Sorry for the inconspicuous absence of “Merry Monday” last week. The youngling was home with a cold and well, you know, first things first. Good news is she’s all better and for what seems like the first time ever, her dad and I didn’t catch it. I credit plain water gargles twice a day, an abundance of hand washing and a good slug of vitamin C for that development…but that’s another story.

Think of the silence last week as a precursor to this week: nothing

As you know, I look at life through a Taoism shaped lens. Balance is important.

That goes for personal development, learning and spirituality as much as anything else. It is important to stop all the striving and just BE. Like Freud said, “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” It isn’t healthy to go around trying to be high-minded and super-spiritual about every single thing. Sometimes you just have to put on your flip-flops, go bowling and treat yourself to a burger and a shake. There is a certain enlightened spirituality about that kind of thing. Simplicity is a virtue here in Tao-world. Taking it easy on yourself, being fully present in the present moment, chopping your wood and carrying your water and just taking care of the everyday stuff that you have to take care of…that kind of mindlfulness and simplicity is valued both by Taoist and Zen Buddhist philosophies.

And better still, you don’t have to be Taoist or Buddhist or any of that stuff. It is just as simple and non-religous and non-philosophical as doing the simple, everyday things that you are going to do anyway….but just chillax and pay attention to it while you do. The mental quiet, the mundane are a good and needed balance to all the thinking, planning and effort we usually have in our workaday lives.

Sometimes it’s ok to just say ‘I got nothin’….because sometimes nothing is a good thing.