Merry Monday : Viral Mash-ups


They are often an over-used meme and all too cliche. Sometimes they are fun, and fall under the greatest “Merry Monday” treasure of all…humor. But that’s another story.

For today, mash-ups can be beyawsome.

The “Pheneas and Ferb” Star Wars special had me in stitches. And there is nothing better than a good Weird Al Yankovic parody, right?

But there are other, excellent, but more serious mash-ups too. The one near and dear to my heart is Integrated Medicine. There are some things, actually  a LOT of things, that Holistic Health does as well or better than the mainstream guys. Allopathy (mainstream “scientific” medicine) is the best at a some things too. It is just foolish to completely disregard one or the other out of fear, panic, bigotry and bias. The real skill is knowing when to use what approach. Both have their good points, and both have ways where they are just plain wrong.

The best solution is a thoughtful mash-up. It is possible to have the best of both worlds so long as we 1.advocate for ourselves in the screwed up steamroller world of mainstream healthcare (at least here in America) and 2. don’t act like a woo-woo nutburger.

Allopathy misses the boat in a large number of ways, but the biggest fail of so-called ‘natural’ advocates lately is the anti-vaccine sentiment. Look at the data. The proof of vaccine safety and efficacy is beyond denial. Just ask your local smallpox virus.

Vaccines are very much in synch with a holistic approach. it is in one of the few long standing overlaps between holistic and allopathic disease prevention. Natural Health advocates strengthening the immune system to prevent disease. Vaccines educate that healthy immune system how to ward off specific, serious, potentially deadly diseases. Better to teach your cells how to fend off (insert nasty illness here) with a shot than through surviving a deadly epidemic…if you actually do survive that is.

Click HERE for my annual screed about flu vaccines, from the archives. The basics haven’t changed.

And wash your hands.

Did I mention wash your hands?




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