Technical Gremlins

To schedule a mini spa visit, holistic health questions, or book information, please contact me at if this website goes down these days. Tarot is available as below. Thanks for your patience!

Modern Oracle Tarot

I’ll be sprucing up the website around Sept 21-23, and redoing several pages to reflect Fall specials, hours, prices etc

If by some change there are technical gremlins running amuck, and the website isn’t available those days, please don’t hesitate to contact me at You can still order email readings or schedule other readings that way.

I’ll be introducing a new look to my email readings starting then. A handful of people have had a chance to preview the new format, but I haven’t gotten any feedback to far. I hope to update the examples to reflect the card graphics in the new email readings.

Wish me luck. I don’t expect any problems, but a heads-up in advance is a very Tarot way to do things, don’t you think?

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