Merry Monday: Blogcations



The classic bit of advice for aspiring writers is to “write what you know”. Hang around cyberspace long enough and that’s what you come to know, which doesn’t make for very innovative writing. Or at least not terribly inspiring writing.

The solution? Blogcation. That’s next week. You have to live life to write about it, even if “it” entails taking the youngling to the local swimming pool, going to IHOP for brunch, or trying to keep the back yard from imitating a scene from Jumanji.

Tarot readings and everything are on hold until August 4, but I’ll be keeping an eye on the email and can still schedule things, so don’t hesitate to email. I won’t promise to answer the phone tho. I’m binge watching Crossbones and it is John Malcovich after all.