My Phone is Full of Sunshine


Holistic thinking applies to more than just physical health. It’s a total package. That’s why it is holistic. It has to do with more than just physical benefits. Thinking holistically applies to everything we do. By definition, everything we do relates to everything else we do and experience. Unrelated things filter back to physical well being in the long run, but with mind and spirit benefits too.

I just bought a solar charger for my cell phone. The amount of electricity my little phone uses is functionally zero when compared to the sum total of energy used in the world…or even in the rest of the house during AC season. But even that bit of nothing joins, eventually with all the little bits of nothing to add up to something. It joins with all the other solar cell chargers in the world. It joins with the degrees warmer we keep the AC and the lights we turn off when a room is empty.

It is disheartening to think that every little thing I do, every whisp of electricity I conserve is erased by other people’s greed, self-entitlement or simple carelessness. But at least that is one whisp saved, rather than two buckets full wasted. I can go to sleep knowing I did everything in my power to contribute to a healthier planet, and healthier future for my beloved child. Even little whispy things like filling my phone with sunshine instead of coal or oil.