Merry Monday: Customization



Hear’s to the tweek.

Not the twerk, for heaven’s sake – the TWEEK.

I like customizing things. Just like that guy on that mattress commercial. If I can tweek it to my own needs and aesthetics, I will. A recipe isn’t a real part of my kitchen until I’ve adjusted it to our tastes, and the highest compliment I can give a recipe or a knitting patter is to follow it as-is, without changing SOMEthing. In the case of blog themes and desktop wallpaper…I’ll tweek it a LOT and OFTEN.

That’s why I learned how to string and knot meditation beads…so I could make them with the colors and beads that I like. It’s a useful skill – I can make customized meditation beads for clients  in meditation tutorials / home spa visits.

But even more, that’s why I hope you’ll write your own “Merry Monday”, or at least think about it. Not everyone likes the same thing. Stuff that makes me SQUEE in geeky delight might straight up annoy you. And vice versa. There are no magic bullets, no one thing is the best for everyone.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…the point of Merry Monday isn’t so much what actual thing you put on the list of neat stuff…it isn’t the STUFF that matters. What matters is the act of looking at your life and finding some small neat thing about it. It builds a positive, uplifting, comforting, happy, merry thought-habit.

And here’s to tweeking that thought-habit to match your own personal delights.