Tao Tuesdays moving to Thursdays – at least here



I’ve totally lost touch with Tao Tuesdays, Amy Putkonin’s genius project over on Tao Te Ching Daily. 

What I’d like to do is take some actionless action, and let the summer be what it is. My hunch is to restart “Tao Tuesday”…except you known me, it’s always late anyway, so here it will be a Tao Thursday (I do love a little alliteration every now and then). After working  through Amy’s wonderful version, I’d like to keep up the same thing…only maybe start taking a look at other versions too. I have a couple of favorites that would be fun to share with you, although Amy’s is still my favorite so far.

In the spirit of “it is what it is”, Tao Thursdays will resume / begin in the fall.

Stay tuned in the meantime for other Natural Health and stress reduction posts!

Thanks – R.