When The Impossible Came True

From my other blog, Modern Oracle Tarot. The same logic extends to Holistic Health, which is again under attack without evidence or reason because of the biases and beliefs…not facts…by the Center For Inquiry and their Twitter zombies – of all places. While I agree with their initiative to keep healthcare secular, they wrap natural health in with the most outlandish scams and the extreme fringes of the religious right-wing. I find this objectionable. The logic applied here to Tarot extends to Holisitc Health…it works, there is proof it works, but only when used as intended – not when we follow pop-culture fantasy claims – like the fantastical claim of “accurate predictions” within the world of psychics and Tarot

Modern Oracle Tarot


Oracles are older than science.

Granted, the Oracle at Delphi is right in there with early genius like Aristarchus or Archimedes, but spiritual practices (burial rites and what have you) not only predate science, they predate written history itself.

Whenever I say “predictions are impossible” the first push-back is “what about the time…”  There are times when a psychic has, with great accuracy foretold something the sitter thought was impossible. From that person’s point of view, the prediction is less impossible than the thing that happened. What of those times? How can I say ‘predictions are impossible’ when those things have happened?

Probability, that’s how.

Intuition lets us master probability – not possibility.Intuition can help us find the more probable choice. It can help us find the wiser and more compassionate choice too.  Leaving spirituality and philosophy aside, let’s focus on science and psychics. There is a difference between possible…

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