Merry Monday: Bucket Lists



I forget the artist’s name, but downtown in Pittsburgh in the cultural district (and other cities around the world) there is a fantastic interactive art installation “Before I die…”

There are places on a large three sided chalkboard for anyone to anonymously write in their way of finishing that sentence. There were wishes to see baseball-teams-who-shall-not-be-named (because they aren’t the Pirates. I’m no baseball fan, but do suffer from occasional civic pride), prom date hopes and dream vacations aplenty…but there were some thought provoking ones too. My favorite one was “Before I die I want to ….live”

Although I’ve never seen the movie, I think there is a lot to be said for “Bucket Lists”… you know, a list of things you want to do or experience before you “kick the bucket”. Bucket lists really are marvelous things. They help us see how short and precious life is. They put things into perspective, and prioritize a bit.

Happy is the person whose  bucket list consists of what they are doing right now. Today tastes sweeter when you make the things at your fingertips the absolute top of your bucket list.

Once you have the truly important stuff out of the way, like family, friends, health, happiness, here, now, etc…then it’s time for the fun stuff!! What is the fun stuff on your bucket list? You have a bucket list, right? If not, why not? You don’t have to do them all right now. So making a list is just a harmless idea, a thought experiment, really. Once you make a list, why not DO something from it? You don’t have to wait until you are on death’s doorstep to indulge in a little living. Sure, climbing Mount Everest or living in Hawaii may not be within reasonable means, but what on your bucket list IS attainable? If there isn’t anything, why not FIND something that is both do-able AND bucket list worthy?

It’s a mental thing, if you get right down to it. Some things I didn’t realize they were on my bucket list until I was already in the process of doing them, and was just that grateful for the experience. I’m glad I tried a rare steak. I’m never eating well done again…at least not a a decent restaurant. First bite and I realized it was “list worthy”

Somethings take a little more time and effort…those are worth starting now, at any age. My long range “list activity” is learning Esperanto. Started that this weekend. There is a fantastic free to download program at and online study at

What are you doing from your bucket list?

It’s like the art installation…those bucket lists are full of living.