Merry Monday 2014 – List of Delights

In March I started the Merry Monday Project. Every Monday (or as close to every as I could manage), I would think of one small, commonplace thing. That’s all. Just one single little tiny everyday kind of thing that makes me happy, brings a little delight, puts a smile on my face at least for a moment. Here they are, all in one place. Having a Monday? Read this! I’m guessing you’ll find at least one little something to bring a happy little thought or moment. Please tell us your moments of delight from 2014  in the comments below


Wishing you a very merry 2015

– every day of the week!



  1. Coffee
  2. Random Acts of Coupon-ness
  3. Giant Rubber Duckies
  4. Music
  5. New Web Themes
  7. The Big Friendly Button
  8. Crab Captains
  9. Naps
  10. Rain
  11. envelopes
  12. Bucket Lists
  13. Customization
  14. Triage
  15. Bob Marley (or any good Raggae music)
  16. Mindless mindfulness
  17. Languages
  18. Blogcation
  19. Taking it easy on yourself
  20. When Stuff Works
  21. Nothing
  22. That Oooooo Sound