Merry Monday : Rain



This is one of those Monday’s where it’s less merry and more meh…but this is exactly where the rubber meets the road with this kind of exercise. It is about finding little delights and simple pleasures even when you are just not feeling it. All along in doing this, it has been a temptation to go for the big and the obvious. Of course I take inspiration from the big things: family, love, compassion, nature, spirituality. Aren’t we all? That is an everyday constant. The Merry Monday project is about finding simple comfort in the small and inconspicuous as well as the big, profound and obvious.

I’m not feeling it this morning, and was pretty close to one of those “I got nothin'” moments.

So I’m going with what is right out my window – how’s that for obvious? It’s raining.

I personally love rain. I prefer cool mist to heat and humidity almost any day. Sunshine and blue skies are great, and we all need those kinds of days too – but sometimes, just sometimes, a nice coincidence will happen and the weather will match your mood. Some “meh” Mondays are really well suited to rain, and it’s gentle, soothing, comforting energy.

Whatever the weather where you are, I wish you a Merry Monday – even if it comes with a healthy dose of meh too.