“The Vampire Diet” is my blog where I play with recipes and menu ideas – plus ideas for maybe a book by the same name. The basic idea is to use fun and imagination to make changing to a healthier way of eating less stressful and more, well, fun. I call it “mental cosplay” for healthier eating. This is the latest post. Menu ideas for weekday dinners go up every Saturday or Sunday. I share some of my favorite foods here – some healthy, some not. Everything in moderation, you know.

The Vampire Diet

One of the many scenes I liked in the books from the ‘verse of “Twilight” was the shift to a quieter energy, but ongoing activity when Bella was still human but at the Cullens’ house. They don’t sleep, so what do you DO with 24 hours a day?

That is another place where a vampish point of view can help with eating better…take a step outside of normal patterns.

Vampires are outside the normal rhythm. They can do stuff when we sleep. We can do stuff instead of eat. When she was really young, I tried to tell my daughter I liked to make things because I was a tinker-fairy. She didn’t buy it, but being a maker at heart, I do love my knitting, stitching and MAKEing stuff, even if it isn’t 3d printed or replica movie props and the like, like they do at Maker Faire.  But in…

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