Tarot Q&A: Minor Arcana cards for general readings

This question really caught my attention – it never crossed my mind that that anyone would omit the minor arcana for any reason. I’d love to hear more about where the idea of just using the major arcana only comes from…leave a comment below if you have anything to offer or if you did the search that inspired this fictional Q&A -thanks for the thought provoking question!

Q: Can I use minor arcana cards when doing a general spread, and no particular question in mind?

A: Yes, of course! Why wouldn’t you? Who doesn’t?

I approach Tarot expansively…the whole point and purpose is to expand our horizons, learn, grow, ease stress. To me, more cards mean more opportunity for inspiration and more chance of sparking just the brainwave we need. Even the full 78 card deck doesn’t seem to be enough sometimes, even when you throw in all the little variations that come with reversals (the card appearing upside down relative to the reader), position within the card spread, and so on.

But that’s just me. In the end, it really doesn’t matter if you use the minor arcana or not –  in ANY reading. If I’m doing a family or public party where kids are around then I’ll take out the Devil, Death, 10 of swords and some of the scary-looking cards OR I’ll just switch to another deck with more abstract images (art nouveaux for example). I’ve had a few clients ask that those cards be removed, which is not a problem – the needed message will find a way through.

A good Tarot reading is never limited to just the “card meanings” anyway. You don’t have to use cards at all. In the end, cards, palm lines, tea leaves, rune stones, crystal balls, black mirrors, head bumps, chicken guts – whatever – are all just tools used to access that human intuition that we all have. The REAL oracle is the human hearts and minds involved in the reading, so which cards you use are secondary. They are just a springboard to help you hear you own inner wisdom, and access your own good intuition no matter what cards you use.