Return of Arcana in Balance series: The Fool

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Back in 2009, I started a series of posts about the cards of the major arcana and the way they point out places in life where balance is needed. All the cards have that aspect…no one card is all good or all bad. The card right side up isn’t one thing and reversed another…like life, all the cards have a balance of opposites contained all in one whole. I’ve always agreed with Diane Morgan “Magical Tarot, Mystical Tao” in this respect and others. There is an enormous amount of overlap between Taoist philosophy and Tarot insights as I see it. The idea of the dynamic balance of opposites – or more often a dynamic juggling act with a balance of many aspects – is the key place where Tarot and Taoism meet.

Initially, I’ll be re-posting the old commentary as we go through the major arcana as it most commonly…

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