Scattered Life Collective 4 April 2014

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Current time: 11:30 am

On the TV: Through the Wormhole mini marathon on Science Channel! Oh Easy Reader, you’ve been teaching me for a long time. Many dimensions, many worlds, the higgs boson, string theory, I love this stuff. It just feels sooo right, rings sooo true to my ear. Can’t wait for the next episode of Cosmos either. Beautiful stuff, that. I agree with Dr. Tyson as he was talking about the connectivity of life, the planet and the universe  “it’s not only factually true but a soaring spiritual experience”  I think he said. Many thumbs up for Cosmos. Ok, so that’s not fact, but artistic license hyperbole for emphasis. Nobody said everything had to be scientifically, factually correct. Life is fun too. Hurray for humor.

On the Kindle: Finished “Starry Night” and “Insurgent” (which reminds me, I need to update Goodreads) so am back to re-reading “How to be Dead” because…well, just because. Will be up for my turn with “Allegent” soon, after that, am thinking about reading “Creative Visualization” by Shakti Gawain. I’ve read several books touching on the subject that references the original Gawain book, but haven’t read the source book for myself. At the same time, I usually have some brain candy on the exercise bike to distract myself from the fact that I’m kind of exercising. Had a taste for some William Gibson so pulled out “Idoru” for now. Might grab virtual light next time I’m at the library. Got to love libraries, despite the digital age.

On the menu: leftoverpalooza. Have made a crusade about using leftovers and wasting no food. For lunch it was leftover corn tortillas topped with leftover tuna salad. Although after doing the resistance circuit and rowing 1600 m on the machine at the rec. center yesterday, I’ve had the munchies like a refugee from a Cheech and Chong movie. Think I’ll make a batch of those healthy-version (low glycemic index) oatmeal cookies. That’s always nice on a rainy afternoon.

Out the window: clouds and drizzle. 🙂 Makes me want to bake cookies, knit and write

On the needles: still working on that beret for my daughter. It’s an easy enough pattern. Will use the same one to make them for the nieces for the holidays I think. Maybe.

On the itunes: “Happy” by Pharell has been earworming all week… I just might have to invest the $1.29 to get that one. It could be the “Merry Monday” theme song as far as I’m concerned. Reminds me a little of Dan Millman’s “laughter of the enlightened man”….from “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, I think.

Other good stuff: A lot of the other “Scattered Life Collective” bloggers will put something positive or other thoughts here.Inspired by the collective posts, the pharrell song, pictures of smiling Buddhist monks and a variety of other things, I’ve split off this part into the Merry Monday project. I’ve set the goal of finding one simple, commonplace little delight, some good thing, every week. How hard is that, for cryin’ out loud: ONE nice thing in a whole WEEK? I’m keeping a list. The theory is, that after a year viola…a list of over 50 happy things to read on dreary day (emotionally, not meterologically). Plus it is exercise – my theory is the more we deliberately activate the content parts of our thinking, the more likely it is to happen automatically, become a habit. Can’t hurt – might help.

Shameless self-promotion: What are you up to these days??

Why not share that too? Isn’t that the ulterior motive to some percentage of blogs and blogging anyway? You are welcome to join in. It’s just another aspect of the collective coolness. Just be nice about it, ok?

Anyway…while we’re on the topic of positive thought habit building: You are welcome to participate in the Merry Monday thing along with the Scattered Life Collective if you like. Plus my newest book “#PeaceTarot”  is about the same thing. It is a tool to focus on a peaceful thought (daily or as needed) to help build a more peaceful thought-habit, especially in the face of tragic national events like the missing Malaysian flight, the Washington state mudslide, the Fort Hood shooting, and so on. It’s less than one dollar on Kindle if you’d like to check it out. I hope to re-format #PeaceTarot and my poetry book for Smashwords to make it available in more formats than just Kindle.