Hits and Misses

This is from my Tarot-only website and blog. I think it is an important point in using Tarot for it’s hightest purpose as we do here…as a genuine tool for personal growth, and for emotional and spiritual well – being.

Modern Oracle Tarot

I love TED talks. For whatever subtle reason, even annoying ideas don’t provoke an angry response. Most likely, it is the style of presentation: Calm, logical, intellectual, -.

Today, however, I watched a presentation by Michael Shermer. It wasn’t the talk that bothered me – it was the people who provoked one off-hand comment in the introduction. He was talking about scams, and how people naturally tend to remember “hits” and forget “misses” which is the stock in trade of psychics and Tarot card readers and the like. He reminds us that, in science, we must remember the misses and take all the data in consideration to come to a realistic conclusion.


I’ve seen that principle in action. People really do cling to the “hits” …”how did you know that?”…no matter how much tell them this isn’t about knowing untold information or predicting the future.

There are two…

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