Merry Monday – Songs of Instant Happy

The Merry Monday project is simple: Once a week think of something simple, commonplace little thing that delights you or makes you happy and write it down. Comment here, put it in a post and we can link it here, or just use pen and paper. At the end of a year, you’ll have at least half a hundred things to bring a smile on a less-merry day. 



Music makes life better. It doesn’t matter one bit what kind of music. If speed thrash death metal makes you happy, so be it. If Mozarts Requim makes you feel better about life, suit yourself. For me, my taste runs a little different.

March 20 was the U.N. International Day of Happiness. It makes me happy that Pharrell’s “Happy” has had lots of radio play since. It’s an aptly named song.

But humans have many moods, and jump around blissed out happy isn’t a permenant condition. Despite the nature of Merry Monday, I think it is essential to acknowledge our genuine moods, then move on to a better frame of mind if needs be. Snarl your way through a song or two. If you are sad, be sad. Play the mopey-est emo punk you can get your hands on. Allow the emotion, not wallow in it. Music (both creating and listening to it) is a positive healthy way to acknowledge and express how you feel. There are damaging ways of expressing emotion, it’s true, but denying and suppressing real feelings is stressful and unheathy too.

That being said, there are some songs that bring me not to that frenetic, happy-helmet, blissed-out kind of happy but to a place of solid contentment, a mental place of comfort. Probably the most reliable one is “Bamako” by Youssou N’dour. That song is a summer sunset on a beach in 3 minutes. It is comfort and contentment and happy there for the listening.

Whether you are looking to pump up a morning workout, compliment your mood on a rainy evening, or just find a minute of happy – music can take you there, and well worth the search for that one song of instant happy.