Scattered Life Collective 7 March 2014

I don’t know what you call them: Shared blogging? Webrings? That linky thingy?

Whatever you call them, I’m really enjoying the shared topic blogging of “Tao Tuesdays” “Merry Mondays” and of course, “Scattered Life Collective” 

The collective is a project started by Cynthia Lee on her blog at Reading her “collective” posts and those from other contributers (links at the bottom of the page) is a great way to discover new and cool things of all types – music, books, tv, movies. All sorts of things that bring out the fangirl in me. Please visit her page to read how it works, and read the other ‘collective’ entries or to submit a link to your own post. We may be scattered, but full of life just the same.

On the TV: I’ve jumped on the “House of Cards” (Netflix original series) bandwagon. Best way I can describe it is Game of Thrones meets CSPAN. I just picked it up at the beginning of the second season. My husband has watched the whole thing. It doesn’t suffer much for not having seen the first season, except for one story line with the reporter, which is interesting enough I might try to pick up the first season…but only after I get caught up with this season of “Being Human” And ALL of that takes a far back seat to COSMOS which starts Sunday.

On the Kindle: Haven’t put in much reading time this week. Still chipping away at the print copy of “Starry Nights” that my daughter recommended. Am reading through the Smashwords style guide…if you have any inkling of publishing on smashwords, this is a must read.

On the menu: Fish Fry! I personally don’t care about lent – all I know is those little old  church ladies know how to cook – YUM!!! I don’t know what it is about fish fry day in Pittsburgh, but the food transcends religion and becomes a community event in a lot of ways. Double YUM

On the ipod: Fall in Love by Phantogram and Dark Horse by Katy Perry

Wishing you a good new week coming up. Looking forward to hearing about it in the Scattered Life Collective 🙂