Handle With Care – Part 2

Stil from my other blog, Modern Oracle Tarot

Modern Oracle Tarot

“It takes two to tango”

“There are two sides to every coin”

Both adages are true when it comes to any kind of psychic reading (they are all basically the same – whether you use tarot cards, palm lines, tea leaves or just sit there – it’s all still human intuition at work). Both the person doing the reading AND the person getting the reading have a role to play.

The person giving the reading, as we talked about in part 1, is the leader in this situation. At the same time, the person getting the reading is not at all passive. If they check out mentally, and just absorb what is said without a single thought…then bad things can still happen – even with the most skilled, compassionate reader in the world.

Psychic readings are not an exact science. As I see it “exact” has no place in…

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