New Years Reading 2014: The Cards

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Modern Oracle Tarot

In the “Four Seasons” layout, each card is an idea or theme for each of the next four seasons to come, no matter which point in the circle of the year the reading occurs. It is appropriate for any meaningful occasion that tends to make us look forward: Holidays, New Year, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, anything. Since it is now winter, the first card will be assigned to the next season, spring and so on. Since is early in winter, we could have read the first card as this season, but intutively it feels more ‘right’ this way, as the last card feels more attached to next winter / holiday season. Sometimes the best way I can think of to say the impressions that come through sound a little predictive, but please remember that this is more in the spirit of “forewarned is forearmed”…ideas to help you make choices, not absolute…

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