Elfcon Hitting the Fan

It’s turning out to be a bit busier than I expected this week, and probably next week too.

Since I don’t earn anything through blogging – am going to have to lead by example and triage to manage my own holiday stress. Blogging is going to moved down on the list over the next couple of weeks, so let me say Happy Holidays to everyone.

With our family largely living in other states, my holiday will stop being hectic once all the handmade gifts hit the mail. That means, even with other Holiday activites, I’ll have more time to work on doing New Years Tarot readings by email if anyone is interested. As always, the readings are about food for thought, guidance, advice and spirit…not predictions. Think of the reading as ideas to help you make the most of the New Year. I suggest the “Four Seasons” reading in either Tarot or Cartomancy for that. Please click HERE to visit my tarot sight for ordering instructions if you are interested. I like doing readings this time of year. It helps get the new year started on a positive, proactive, forward – looking, empowered way.

It’s also a nice treat for yourself after you’ve done all that baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating and so on…don’t you think?

Happy Holidays and a Wonderful 2014 to everyone!