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Ted Andrews associates the Page of Pentacles with deer, especially the adult male, and “the lure of new projects”.

That is particularly relevant to me right now. With uploading #PeaceTarot to amazon, updating websites to show it is available…on and on, yadda yadda business stuff…I understand the appeal. The new book is like a new toy, and I don’t mind. The hard part is putting it down…but sometimes you have to stop playing with your new toy and go do your homework.

It takes self-discipline to do that. That speaks to the strength that the stag brings to this card. Yet deer, as a whole, are associated with gentleness. Their strength is deep, and true, and self-assured, and so it is gentle. Just as a parent would allow time for a child to play with their new toy in addition to doing homework, we lose nothing by a touch of…

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