Blog Cabin


I blog. A lot.

I like blogs that have a cohesive, on-topic style so that is what I try to do too.  I like to think of my blogs as a house in cyberspace.

Here on the Holistic Health site, I want to make this a healing space, like a lotus and bamboo filled spa room filled with  Reiki, aromatherapy, meditation, and a shelf full of my books.

  • Modern Oracle Tarot is like a dining room table, where friends get readings and talk about slightly more “fringe” topics over a cup of coffee
  • The Vampire Diet is the kitchen, filled with foodies, recipes and weekly menu ideas. Many of the recipes are low-glycemic, some are low-fat, and a few are just plain tasty sweet treats. After all, who obsesses about what they eat more than a foodie on a diet, except maybe a vampire with a conscience?
  • Baihu’s Haikus is the art studio, for self expression and poetry for its own sake
  • The Browncoat Whovian Epiphany is my messy “professors office”. The door is open, but this room is not for the feint-hearted. This is where the opinion and rant posts go. You are welcome to come in for an off-topic lecture or two, but only if you are willing to risk hearing an opinion that disagrees with your own. Comments are closed on this blog.

At first, each blog was a separate and distinct entity, but lately the lines have thinned…the different healing spaces are separated by folding screens instead of brick walls. Feel free to visit and follow the other blogs. Every now and then I’ll be posting “Blog Cabin” updates with links to new activity on the other blogs right here, too. Nothing will change about this blog as it stands now, and I hope you keep reading…but the cyber-house is open and you are welcome to visit the other rooms.