Perfect Sometimes Isn’t (aka The Value of Dessert)

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The Vampire Diet


As a mom, I’ve been around some Disney Channel in my time. One of their better movies is “Halloweentown”, especially Debbie Reynolds’ Aggie Cromwell character. She’s right you know – “Being normal is vastly overrated.”

Think about all of your favorite characters from literature…or actual history. They tend to be a little out-of-the-ordinary, quirky, even overtly flawed.  A little imperfection can be endearing.

One not-so endearing imperfection is obsessiveness. If it gets too extreme, then it becomes a problem, not a quirk.

So why, then, do we try to force healthy lifestyles to be obsessively perfect? We talk endlessly about lab tests, numbers of servings, fat grams, weights and BMIs. That kind of thinking makes the whole process of living healthy so daunting that it becomes overwhelming and all too easy to abandon.

On the other hand, we can’t get rid of measurements entirely…or else we don’t know when a…

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