My House in Cyberspace

I screwed up.

I have a lot of blogs. They give me work space. It is like an art studio only for words. Different projects all sitting around out in the open, all in progress at the same time. They let me tinker here and brainstorm there with different ideas for future books. I don’t know if I’ll ever be traditionally published, but like Egon said in Ghostbusters …”print is dead”.

Right now the plan is to self-publish on Kindle. Yes, that was a shameless plug, and I hope you will consider buying them when the time comes…being all e-format they will be inexpensive, and eco-friendly. We’re saving trees here people! Read e-books!

I have several books in mind and so I have several blogs up and running, partly to work on the writing, partly to shamelessly plug my Tarot readings and Holistic Health services. Did I mention the shameless plug part? It’d be nice to be a philanthropist and all, but since they still charge money for food, clothing, shelter and basic utilities, I’d really like to make some money doing this too…hence the shameless plug part of the whole blog thing.

But I LOVE it too. I really enjoy writing. In that respect I think of all these blogs as a home in cyberspace (kind of like Sophie’s “Realm” house if you are a fan of Debora Geary’s books). I really want to set the tone and energy in each blog the same as you would if you were creating a real-world space. That’s why I delete everything that lands in the spam folder (like taking out the trash), and that’s why I put a lot of work into keeping things as positive, thoughtful, non-controversial, tolerant and on-topic as possible in each blog. I want as many people as possible to be comfortable here. Even though it is not exactly mainstream, I consider Modern Oracle a healing space the same as the relaxation, health and ‘spa’ sort of vibe here. Tarot comforts, inspires and heals – with words.

But unfortunately my technical skills failed me and I accidentally integrated posts from other blogs into Modern Oracle Tarot.

My apologies if the off topic, other-blog posts were offensive or confusing to anyone.

But since the doors have been blown off the hinges anyway, let me show you around the house.

  • Modern Oracle is like the dining room table where we sit around, do tarot readings and talk about paranormal and spiritual things over a cup of coffee.
  • is the front room, a lotus and bamboo healing space filled with aromatherapy, Reiki, meditation and holistic health. Can’t you just hear the new age music playing?
  • The Vampire Diet is the kitchen, a place for foodies and recipes. After all, who thinks more about what they eat than a foodie on a diet – except maybe a vampire with a conscience?
  • Baihu’s Haikus are the pretty decorations all around – and a little taste of what’s in “Triquetra: The Dance of Worlds”
  • The Browncoat Whovian Epiphany is my cluttered, personal office space, where Id and opinion reign supreme. It is intended to be darker, edgier, and contrarian, dealing with spiritual evolution through the lens of my personal journey from a childhood in evangelical fundamentalist appalachia to a world of tarot, taoism, buddhism, secular humanism and all sorts of other things that would make a fundamentalist’s nose hairs curl. This blog aims to misbehave. Read with caution.

And that’s it. There might be more remodeling and adding-on as time and manuscripts go by. Welcome to my humble cyber-house. I’m honored by your visits.