A Hobbit’s Toolbox

Have you ever read a blog post that DING made a lightbulb go on and you just want everyone to look at this cool thing you found?

@MysticalHobbit, my twitter-friend, intuitive healer and oracle card reader wrote a article  (inspired in turn by the ‘sistersimpson’ blog) about how we all have a toolbox, but forget to use the tools in them. She was applying the toolbox concept to another topic, but it certainly fits with Holistic Health and stress management too.

All too often, people get all pitchforks and torches over their favorite kind of health care. Anything that isn’t mainstream medicine is all quacks and snake oil…or on the other side, anything that is mainstream medicine will nigh on kill you.

I don’t see it as so black and white. I see it as two different tools in the healer’s toolkit. There are things that need every bell and whistle that modern medicine has at its disposal: trauma or cardiovascular emergency for example. Other things need the holistic approach such as stress management and healthy lifestyles. Most health issues bridge the gap and benefit from a thoughtful integration of both.  Each is a tool in the healer’s toolkit, each with a lot of moving parts…labs, x-rays, surgery, Reiki, acupuncture, Ayurveda, pills, and herbs…all have their place and value, when used with a little common sense.

When it comes to dealing with stress…or just dealing with life as a human being on planet Earth…the tool box analogy applies too.

Everyone perceives and tolerates stress (both physical and psychological) a little differently. We all come into the world with different toolkits. But that doesn’t mean the tools are glued inside. We can add new tools that work well, get rid of the ones that don’t work – or dig out the fantastic but forgotten ones.

But having a big shiny well-stocked tool box isn’t going to help a thing if you don’t use it. @MysticalHobbit gets right to the core of it when she asked “What toolbox do you have and what’s in it?” Healers and counselors and card readers…we have a whole hardware store of coping and healing tools for you to use, but if you don’t look at the problem or look in your toolbox to see what is there and see what is needed, it is harder for us to help.

Look at in terms of Dharma Drum Mountain’s Four Steps for Dealing With a Problem:

  1. face it
  2. accept it
  3. deal with it
  4. let go of it

Toolkits are step 3. Use your toolkit to deal with a problem. Before you can do that though, you have to open the toolkit…you have to know you need to reach for your coping tool box in the first place. It is up to you to acknowledge the problem and reach for the tools in the first place. Healers can help you understand the problem and stock your tool box.

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