Tao Tuesday Challenge – Chapter 9


Welcome to Chapter 9 of  the http://www.taotechingdaily.com “Tao Tuesday” challenge. Here’s how it works: Amy Putkonen posts a chapter from her excellent version of the Tao Te Ching. Her readers with blogs of their own then post their commentary on the chapter. It’s a load of fun to visit tao te ching daily to see the links and read other points of view. This is Taoism…no privliged point of view, no dogma, no judgement. It’s all good

Filling a cup to the brim
is not as good as
stopping in time.
Staying constantly sharpened
can wear out the blade.

One cannot protect
a home full of jewels.

Position and prestige
lead to arrogance
and eventual downfall.

When your work is done,
gently withdraw.

This is the natural way.

Yin and Yang: Knowing but not doing is as wasteful as doing without knowing. At least with the latter, you can learn from it.

Yin and Yang: Knowing /Learning is yin…taking in information and experience. Doing / Teaching is Yang…sending out information, making experiences. Both together is a shadow of the Tao, a thread in the fabric of a good life.

Yin and Yang: There is nothing wrong with having the things you need, even a few you want, but excesses lead to problems. Knowing when to stop is as important as knowing when to start.