Conversation of Hearts

Reblogged from Modern Oracle Tarot:

Thank you ‘Lily’ for your like and comments on the “Win a Free Reading” page. You’ve sparked some brainwaves, but your beautiful blog always is inspiring (that’s a hint folks – check it out. “The Arcade of Art and Arcana” is one of the coolest, most unique blogs I’ve seen)

This month’s “win a reading” question is: Do you think Tarot can predict the future? Why or why not?

The idea we were talking about it that the future is not fixed, but that synchronicity plays a role.

Agree! I see it as parts of a conversation.

We are deeply connected, a part of the unity of everything. With that kind of connection, the give and take between us and space-time happens at multiple levels, and in different ways than a language-driven conversation between two people.

We navigate through the totality of time, and all the possible futures through our choices. That is our side of the conversation with that totality…call it the Cosmos or the Universe if you will. We communicate to the Universe through deep connection of mind (choices) body (actions, inactions) and spirit (intention, visualization, imagination, attraction, etc.). Intuition and synchronicity is how the Universe talks to us.

It is a conversation that happens in signs and whispers. It is a conversation of hearts.