Tao Tuesday – on a Tuesday!

Tao Tuesday on time – who would have thought 😉

On Tao Te Ching Daily, Amy Putkonin challenges her readers to comment on one chapter from her version of the Tao Te Ching each Tuesday. This week is chapter 6.

The Valley of the Spirit
is immortal and nourishing.
It is called the Mysterious Female,
our Creative Power.

This Creative Power is our passageway,
Revealing the Creation
of Heaven and Earth itself.

Like a babbling stream,
It flows endlessly through our lives –
Quietly supporting us always.

Her commentary HERE, “We are all sages” pretty much sums it up, but I’d like to add a couple of  side-ideas drawn from some old daily meditations over on Modern Oracle Tarot

First is the old earthy “as above so below”. Daily, mundane things echo the larger, esoteric, subtle and hidden. We make a big deal about who/what/how “Heaven and Earth” were created – yet barely notice if someone creates a sweater, or a meal, or a house, or a book. The fact that we humans create, and are a part of the greater cosmos, echo the notion that nature creates itself. Creation IS. We ARE. We are creators. We are nature. Nature creates…from creating on the grandest scale right down to creating a way to use last evening’s dinner leftovers.

Second is what I like to think of as “yin power”, and the popular “law of attraction”.  I tend to associate this with the High Priestess  and two of Swords (which has a female figure on it in the Rider-Waite deck) from the Tarot cards. According to Diane Morgan in “Magical Tarot, Mystical Tao” the 2 of swords symbolizes “mystical unity”… I wonder if the idea of “the Muses” came from a sense of our connection to the natural universe being the source of our creativity. It certainly is the source of the raw material we use to make our creations. Bringing new things into our lives is a yin, female process. We ‘give birth’ to new projects. True enough, it takes two parents to make a baby. Creativity has both yin and yang aspects. We have to go get what we need, be assertive, but sometimes attraction is needed. Sometimes the right tool is a hammer. Other times the right tool is a really strong magnet – “yin power”.

It’s worth reminding ourselves that Yin and Yang in this case refers to the nature of the process that is being used…NOT the gender of the person working within that process. Women can very yang, warriors. Men can be Yin, creators and nurturers.

The creative powers of the universe are indeed “immortal and nourishing”and we are all connected to it, a part of it. We are all creators and sages.