Tao Tuesday – Chapter 4

It’s Wednesday, that can only mean one thing  – Tao Tuesday! Every Tuesday, Amy Putkonen puts up chapter of her version of the “Tao Te Ching” on her blog http://www.taotechingdaily.com and invites her readers to comment on the chapter on their blogs. 
So what’s that got to do with Holistic Health or Stress Reduction?
 For one thing, I’ve always looked at life through a Taoist lens, even before I knew what it was called. These posts help you to get to know me a little better so you can feel more comfortable scheduling a consult or tutorial. For another, Holistic Health views spirituality as an equal part of health, along with physical and mental well-being. I’m not posting these because I think you should be a Taoist, I’m posting these to lead by example in the hope that you will at least think about your spiritual outlook, and find a way to be happy with it if you aren’t already. Today: Chapter 4.


Tao is like an empty cup
that cannot be filled,
Although we drink of it continuously.
It is the deep source
of the Ten Thousand Things.

Tao smooths our sharp edges,
Untangles the knots in our lives,
And blends our brilliance with our dust.

Its depth is eternal.

This speaks to me of intellectual curiosity and the virtue of life-long learning and growing. Other parts of Taoism equate rigidity and stagnation with death, while life is changing, adaptable, flexible. This chapter begins to build that idea.

Even Western culture has always respected the well educated. The well educated, true or not, are stereotypically thought of as gentle, and socially refined. The same is often true of the elders, the more experienced in a society, because they have the education of real-life experience.

The advice here is to learn, to grow – always, for such is life and such is the way to feel alive.

The “ten thousand things” is an “anything is possible” idea. “Ten Thousand” was to an ancient,  poorly educated, agrarian society what “bajillion” or “hoozillion” might mean to us today. To someone who is always actively learning and adapting, any spiritual achievement is attainable. No worries about getting bored here. Life’s learning opportunities and spiritual wonder is inexhaustible.