More Wibbly Wobbly than Timey Wimey

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Time is a tricky thing in intuitive readings. My good friend Joy Star does a terrific job of talking about it HERE

I’d like to add a few thoughts from the science-y part of my brain. You know, the “modern” part of “Modern Oracle”. It’s kind of a brain bender and hard to put into words, so please be patient as I give it a go. I’m no science or physics expert. This all just comes from personal thoughts about psychics, tarot, popularized science books I’ve read and TV shows that I’ve seen.

  • Time itself is part of the fabric of space…you know, the space-time continuum that Einstein is known for in his relativity theories. That’s why we measure speed in terms of both space AND time…miles per hour.
  • All of space exists all at one go, right here, right now. So it would seem logical that all of time exists all in one go – past, present and all possible “futures” – all right here, right now.
  • Imagine the universe…all of our three dimensional space… as being a piece of paper. Now lift that paper up a dimension. Turn the imaginary paper sheet into a cube. Imagine that extra dimension is time – viola, you have time and space all in one cube, all at one “time” – here and now.
  • We don’t live or experience the whole cube all at one go…it’s too big and our consciousness and perceptions just don’t work that way. We can only experience things in a sequence, like a thread, even if they exist as a whole, like a cube. We can only move through that cube of space-time day by day, moment by moment,  in a line that that does not loop or re-trace itself. Imagine a slow-motion video of a bullet moving through a big cube of ballistics gel.
  • Decisions are navigation points. We can turn the track our lives make through the cube of time a little bit each time we make a choice. Look for a new job, and you go to this part of the cube, stay where you are and you go to that part of the cube instead. Break up with your boyfriend and go here, marry your girlfriend and go there, that sort of thing. The part of the cube where you made the other decision still exists, a “parallel universe” of sorts, we just move beyond the ability to experience it. Even if you change your mind later one, it still isn’t quite the same dot, the same atom of experience you would have had if you’d made that choice in the first place. (Confused yet? It’s OK if you are. But if you are even a tiny smidge interested in this stuff, I recommend “Parallel Worlds” by Dr. Micheo Kaku, and the “Edge of Forever” episode of Dr. Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” series.)
  • “Psychics” can’t see what part of the cube you’ll wind up in…that’s up to you and all of your decisions. Psychics can’t see what other people think, or feel, or how they will choose to turn their paths through time.
  • Intuition is a normal, natural ability that EVERYONE has to help navigate through our big, hazy jello-cube analogy of time. It can help you decide what part of the time-cube to aim toward, and what turns you need to make to help you get there.
  • Sometimes, just sometimes, when I’m doing a reading there is a sense of season…Halloween decorations, fall leaves, winter cold or spring flowers. It doesn’t show what year however. Sometimes, I can try to imagine a calendar and see if something mentally “lights up” to get a vague, uncertain sense of time…”not for 3 or 4 months” or “more than a year” that sort of thing. If I get those kinds of images, of course I’ll give them to you in a reading, but don’t hold your breath for it to happen. I don’t. We’d all turn pretty blue if we did.
  • It’s not right for me to try and shove you into one part of the time-cube or another. If I were to “predict” the future, then it plants an idea in your mind, gives you a grain of certainty, or a seed of doubt. Why should you have to live with my vision for your future in your head? You decide your future. Your frame of mind, your ideas and intentions are the energy that turns your path as you move through time. No psychic has a right to mess with that energy. Even if it is a prediction that you like or want to hear – it could still wind up being sugar in your gas tank so to speak.
  • Let’s change the analogy from a bullet through ballistics gel to a car in a large parking garage. You are the one steering and driving the car. Your intentions and actions are the fuel in your tank. Your engine and steering wheel are your responsibility. Predictions can potentially put sugar in your gas tank or a potato in your tailpipe. A real, genuine psychic reading (either one you do for yourself, or one you get from a reader) is just your car’s  GPS system helping you find your way through the turns and cross-lanes in the parking garage of life.

The only time there is,  is NOW. The past and the future exist now…all the good things from the past that you cherished, plus all your most cherished hopes for the future, they all EXIST right NOW, just in a different place in time. All the bad stuff that happened, all the things you fear might happen in the future – they are there too, you can’t deny what has already happened, but you don’t have to live your life focused on them either. Those things are ghosts through the haze. They are, but they aren’t HERE.

Old-fashioned “predictions” just aren’t worth it. In the always-moving line of our life through the wibbly-wobbly ballistics gel cube of time, HERE and NOW is the important part. Here and now is your own personal “Tardis” (time machine, if you aren’t a “Doctor Who” fan) helping you navigate through the time and space of living the best life that we can.